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Stop Foreclosure

If you are facing a pending foreclosure, the time to act is NOW before your property goes into foreclosure auction.

What options do you have?

Your attorney may advise you to file for bankruptcy. While this advice is well intentioned, this may stop the foreclosure process cold on its track… for some time only. But will this be the end of the problem?

While bankruptcy will buy you some time, the end result is that your house will get auctioned unless you bring your payments current. Which means:

  • You will lose your home

  • You will have a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on your credit report

  • Obviously, you will want to avoid this at all costs!

The easiest solution to this is to SELL YOUR HOUSE AND SELL IT FAST! You will then avoid having a foreclosure and a bankruptcy on your credit report and be able to get on with your life and avoid having foreclosure haunt you for years to come!

Eddie’s answer revolves around creating a solution that will help you avoid such a situation. He may be able to buy your home quickly, and/or work with your lender to stop foreclosure  giving you extra time to go over your options. Eddie may be able to help even if you have little or no equity.

His goal is to help you take the load off your back so you can move on with your life with your good name and credit intact!

He has a professional team dedicated to helping people in situations just like yours get their life back on track.

Call hi today for a confidential, no obligation and free consultation.

Remember, don’t wait …time is of the essence!



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