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If you are looking to do a Real Estate deal and you can’t because of any of the following reasons…


  1. You have little or no capital
  2. You have bad or marginal credit
  3. You don’t have enough knowledge to do the deal correctly
  4. You are afraid

If you have a great deal and can’t do it for any reason, please contact   Eddie’s office immediately. No matter where you live, he would be very interested in looking at the deal or lead and if determined to be a good deal, we would partner with you and get you a paycheck!

Look at it this way……If you can’t do a deal for whatever reason, doesn’t it just make sense to partner and get at least a piece of the pie rather than none at all?   If your answer is YES, then please call us at 800 513 HOUSE(4687) . We will take all of your information and then we will get to work and see if this is a deal that will qualify for us to Partner on…

What are you waiting for? Let’s start making you some CASH !!!

Our motto is “ Work smarter…not Harder” and we have done many, many Partnership deals across the country. This is one way that you can get CASH in your pocket without any RISK or CASH or CREDIT of your own.

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