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Things You Can Do to Market Your Home Yourself

There are many things you can do to inform prospective buyers about your home. The following are good examples.

  • Stake a professionally made “For Sale” sign in your yard – This is a good way to inform buyers about your property if it is located in a high traffic neighborhood. You can opt for a sign that comes with pockets where you can place informational sheets about your house.
  • Advertise on classified websites – Place an advertisement for your house on a website like Craigslist. You can also mention that you are selling your house on social media sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Tell your friends that you are selling your home and request them to share your post.
  • If local ordinances allow it, place fliers advertising your house on stoplight poles at prominent intersections.
  • Inform bank managers and school principals about your property – Local bank managers and school principles may know a family that is looking for a house in your area.
  • If you know a local company often relocates employees to your area, contact its human resources department and inform it that you have a home you are ready to sell.
  • Inform your relatives, friends, coworkers or business associates about your intention to sell your house fast. You may offer these people a reward for helping you find a buyer quickly.
  • List your home on websites that are devoted to For Sale by Owner properties such as
  • Post a flyer of your property of Facebook groups related to real estate investing. Make sure to include photographs and other relevant information about it such as location, sale price, number of rooms and amenities among others. You can also create a virtual tour, slide show or video to specifically showcase your house.
  • Advertise your home in local shopper tabloids, local newspapers and other types of print media that contain classified ads.
  • Search for the keyword “I Need To Sell My House Fast” on Google, Bing or Yahoo and submit the details about your home to the websites that come up in the search results.
  • Host an open house in your city and place signs leading to your home.
  • Speak to an established realtor in your area who may know an out of state investor willing to purchase your house.
  • Pay realtors in your area a small fee to email blast thousands of investors about your property.
  • Present your property as an investment by gathering information about the rent it can fetch and post this information on social media sites.
  • Look on the public records for people who are willing to purchase your house for cash.



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